Reading Response #3

The three articles I read were very interesting as the information they provided separately, perfectly encompassed what my elementary site observations would be like when pieced together. Even though elementary music wasn’t the CENTRAL focus of the NAFME article, it was a descriptive portion of it that helped me understand the ideal expectations regarding the progression of instruction at that level. It along with the anthropology fields raised me to ponder to myself what sub category of anthropology does music education fall into. The type of music that is taught and how it’s taught could reflect the cultural aspect of anthropology. Every song could be and usually is a reflection of a certain culture around the world, so there is definitely a cultural aspect within the field of music education. Linguistic Anthropology could also be a reflection of music education as music in itself is a form of expression and sometimes communication. Music is used to convey messages lyrically or through the emotional implications in the music’s melodic and harmonic nuances. Observing how students convey the taught musical skills and register them is indeed an aspect of observation and anthropology in itself. The series of articles I have read has not only fascinated me, but has left me excited and eager to begin my elementary site observations.


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